“Oh, I’d love to check out your website! Send me the link”


“… oh boy… what a mess!”

There is a definite problem among many struggling online entrepreneurs and coaches. So many good-hearted people with big visions don’t get the amount of clients that they want and they wonder what is wrong. Then they send me a link to their website, and just one look is all it takes for me to see very clearly where many of the issues arise. When you don’t have a website that is set up strategically to share your message properly, invite people into your community, showcase your offerings, and simply leave the people on your site with a good overall brand experience, then you are missing out… on a LOT of success in your business.  Your website NEEDS to be built to serve you.  

Because, if your website looks like an amateur, you’re going to get amateur results.

BUT, if your website looks high-end and amazing (you know, just like you and your coaching program or online product is amazing), then you are going to be positioning yourself to achieve great success as an online brand.

There are many things that you need to make sure that you implement correctly on your website. However, today, we’ll cover the 5 main elements that you NEED on your site in order to be set-up for success as an online entrepreneur.

They are:

  1. A Very Impactful Above-the-Fold Section
  2. An Opt-In Form and Gift Incentive to Build Community
  3. An About Me Page
  4. A Work with Me Page
  5. A a Blog Page

Let’s go more in-depth, shall we?

1) Your Website Must Have A Very Impactful Above-The-Fold Section

This above-the-fold section (the first area of your site that someone sees before they begin scrolling) is probably one of the most important areas on your site to get right, because you only have 2-3 seconds to grab the attention of the person who is on your website. Your first goal is to hit them with exactly what they want to see, enough to catch their attention and draw them in to stay and read more about you.

Make the first impression a good one!

If your website doesn’t make a great initial impact, or worse – it looks so DIY or dated that it is repulsive, then the people who you have worked so hard to get on your site are simply not going to stay interested and they will most likely click off. You will definitely be missing out!

However, if you have a truly impactful area above-the-fold, that instantly catches their attention and connects with them, pulling them into reading more of your content, then you are golden! Take a look at yours, or have a few people who fit your ideal client profile (ICA) take a look and ask them if they resonate with the visuals enough to want to read more. Just make sure to tell them that honesty is BEST, because without knowing the truth you won’t be as successful as you could be.

So what is included in this high impact above-the-fold area anyways?

On the above-the-fold area of your site, you should display your logo, your navigation, your inviting imagery, a clear message, and an opt-in form with an enticing gift incentive!…. which brings me to the 2nd point!


Here’s an example of one of the impact sections on my own website:Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.41.21 PM

2)  Your Website Must Have An Opt-In Form And Gift Incentive to Build Your Community

Here’s the cold, hard truth. Your website as an online entrepreneur is simply NOT strong if you are leaving out this vitally important element on your site – the opt-in form.

As an entrepreneur building your brand and business online, your business is ALL about community and building strong relationships with your “fans”.  In fact, you can’t have a business if you don’t have a community of people interested and excited to hear from you and buy your programs and products.

But first, you’ve got to find your community by growing your list. (List building needs a whole other blog article or even an online course!)

However, making sure your website is set up with an opt-in form of some sort is the bare minimum. The important thing is to display it prominently on your website so that it is easily accessible to invite people in. Whether it’s a button someone clicks to learn more and sign up, or if it’s a form directly embedded into your website. Just make sure you have it, because if you don’t – you are TRULY missing out BIG TIME. Don’t skimp on not having an opt-in.  

With your opt-in, there is a mistake that many new entrepreneurs make, and that is to simply say “sign up for my newsletter”. While your newsletter is probably great, that is just not specific or enticing enough for the majority of people to actually WANT to plug in their name and email address in those two little boxes.  Having an enticing incentive is what it is all about, so make it so good that the people on your site becomes really comfortable really fast with giving out that information to you.

When they do, it’s HUGE because they have taken the first step towards learning more about you and have decided that they want to invite you, as an expert, into their lives. Because when you are in their inbox, you are in their lives.

Now it’s up to you to nurture those relationships and keep adding value all throughout their time as part of your community. That includes buying from you! (This is where the clients come in on your site!)


Here’s an example of a main opt-in and incentive from one of my most recent client’s site I designed:

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.11.16 PM

3)   Your Website Must Have An About Me Page

The first thing that a visitor on your site normally looks for after they are pulled in with your impressive above-the-fold section, is your about page. People love getting to know the person behind the brand, in such a way so they can tell if you, your story, and your message is worth following in order to better their life or business. If you don’t have your story or messaging in place, then you are missing out!


4)  Your Website Must Have A Work With Me Page (or Products page)

Every person who is in business for themselves, whether an entrepreneur, a coach, a consultant, etc all need to have a “Work With Me” page. Unless you are running a non-profit, you are in business for yourself and are building your brand and are interested in making a profitable income from sharing your expertise and guidance. So, it is essential that you have a specified page on your website where people can go to learn about your specific programs, packages, products, or services. This page can simply give an introduction to each of the different programs, packages, and products that you offer and then a button under each that send the user to a sales page for the specific program that goes in depth about it. 

On this work with me page, it is so important for people to have a way to contact you for a discovery call or free consultation to get in touch with you so that they CAN hire you to help them! If you don’t have this, you are missing out!


5)  Your Website Must Have A Blog

Every entrepreneur who has a successful website has an active blog where they share their message on a regular basis. This means diving deep into topics that have to do with their business and that their audience would find great value from.

Having a blog and writing articles on a consistent basis (once a week, every other week, etc.), will help you bring traffic to your site, and will keep your community engaged and excited to read your latest blog article. Consistency is everything.

Your blog is the biggest way to drive traffic to your site organically without too much effort. All you have to do is simply post relevant topics about your business niche that your ideal dream client would find valuable!

You will then start to get visitors to your site on the specific posts that contain the keywords that a visitor first types into the search engine. Most people who come to your site organically do so through your blog, and so because of this, it is so important to include at least one opt-in for every single article you post. If you do not, then someone could find your post, read it, and then click out of your website without ever coming back again. By having that opt-in there, you’re giving them the invitation to join your community of email subscribers. 

Not having a blog is leaving a ton of organic success on the table, and you would be truly missing out!


So there you have it, those are the five essential areas that every entrepreneur should follow for their website to make sure it is set-up strategically for success. Does your website follow these 5 points? If not, then it’s time to change that because you and your message deserve to be successful.



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