How to Set-Up Your Website For Success As An Online Entrepreneur

How to Set-Up Your Website For Success As An Online Entrepreneur

“Oh, I’d love to check out your website! Send me the link”


“… oh boy… what a mess!”

There is a definite problem among many struggling online entrepreneurs and coaches. So many good-hearted people with big visions don’t get the amount of clients that they want and they wonder what is wrong. Then they send me a link to their website, and just one look is all it takes for me to see very clearly where many of the issues arise. When you don’t have a website that is set up strategically to share your message properly, invite people into your community, showcase your offerings, and simply leave the people on your site with a good overall brand experience, then you are missing out… on a LOT of success in your business.  Your website NEEDS to be built to serve you.  

Because, if your website looks like an amateur, you’re going to get amateur results.

BUT, if your website looks high-end and amazing (you know, just like you and your coaching program or online product is amazing), then you are going to be positioning yourself to achieve great success as an online brand.

There are many things that you need to make sure that you implement correctly on your website. However, today, we’ll cover the 5 main elements that you NEED on your site in order to be set-up for success as an online entrepreneur.

go to link They are:

  1. dove acquistare viagra in contrassegno A Very Impactful Above-the-Fold Section
  2. click here An Opt-In Form and Gift Incentive to Build Community
  3. follow site An About Me Page
  4. follow site A Work with Me Page
  5. acquistare viagra online consigli A a Blog Page

Let’s go more in-depth, shall we?

1) Your Website Must Have A Very Impactful Above-The-Fold Section

This above-the-fold section (the first area of your site that someone sees before they begin scrolling) is probably one of the most important areas on your site to get right, because you only have 2-3 seconds to grab the attention of the person who is on your website. Your first goal is to hit them with exactly what they want to see, enough to catch their attention and draw them in to stay and read more about you.

Make the first impression a good one!

If your website doesn’t make a great initial impact, or worse – it looks so DIY or dated that it is repulsive, then the people who you have worked so hard to get on your site are simply not going to stay interested and they will most likely click off. You will definitely be missing out!

However, if you have a truly impactful area above-the-fold, that instantly catches their attention and connects with them, pulling them into reading more of your content, then you are golden! Take a look at yours, or have a few people who fit your ideal client profile (ICA) take a look and ask them if they resonate with the visuals enough to want to read more. Just make sure to tell them that honesty is BEST, because without knowing the truth you won’t be as successful as you could be.

So what is included in this high impact above-the-fold area anyways?

On the above-the-fold area of your site, you should display your logo, your navigation, your inviting imagery, a clear message, and an opt-in form with an enticing gift incentive!…. which brings me to the 2nd point!


Here’s an example of one of the impact sections on my own website:Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.41.21 PM

2)  Your Website Must Have An Opt-In Form And Gift Incentive to Build Your Community

Here’s the cold, hard truth. Your website as an online entrepreneur is simply NOT strong if you are leaving out this vitally important element on your site – the opt-in form.

As an entrepreneur building your brand and business online, your business is ALL about community and building strong relationships with your “fans”.  In fact, you can’t have a business if you don’t have a community of people interested and excited to hear from you and buy your programs and products.

But first, you’ve got to find your community by growing your list. (List building needs a whole other blog article or even an online course!)

However, making sure your website is set up with an opt-in form of some sort is the bare minimum. The important thing is to display it prominently on your website so that it is easily accessible to invite people in. Whether it’s a button someone clicks to learn more and sign up, or if it’s a form directly embedded into your website. Just make sure you have it, because if you don’t – you are TRULY missing out BIG TIME. Don’t skimp on not having an opt-in.  

With your opt-in, there is a mistake that many new entrepreneurs make, and that is to simply say “sign up for my newsletter”. While your newsletter is probably great, that is just not specific or enticing enough for the majority of people to actually WANT to plug in their name and email address in those two little boxes.  Having an enticing incentive is what it is all about, so make it so good that the people on your site becomes really comfortable really fast with giving out that information to you.

When they do, it’s HUGE because they have taken the first step towards learning more about you and have decided that they want to invite you, as an expert, into their lives. Because when you are in their inbox, you are in their lives.

Now it’s up to you to nurture those relationships and keep adding value all throughout their time as part of your community. That includes buying from you! (This is where the clients come in on your site!)


Here’s an example of a main opt-in and incentive from one of my most recent client’s site I designed:

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.11.16 PM

3)   Your Website Must Have An About Me Page

The first thing that a visitor on your site normally looks for after they are pulled in with your impressive above-the-fold section, is your about page. People love getting to know the person behind the brand, in such a way so they can tell if you, your story, and your message is worth following in order to follow site better their life or business. If you don’t have your story or messaging in place, then you are missing out!


4)  Your Website Must Have A Work With Me Page (or Products page)

Every person who is in business for themselves, whether an entrepreneur, a coach, a consultant, etc all need to have a “Work With Me” page. Unless you are running a non-profit, you are in business for yourself and are building your brand and are interested in making a profitable income from sharing your expertise and guidance. So, it is essential that you have a specified page on your website where people can go to learn about your specific programs, packages, products, or services. This page can simply give an introduction to each of the different programs, packages, and products that you offer and then a button under each that send the user to a sales page for the specific program that goes in depth about it. 

On this work with me page, it is so important for people to have a way to contact you for a discovery call or free consultation to get in touch with you so that they CAN hire you to help them! If you don’t have this, you are missing out!


5)  Your Website Must Have A Blog

Every entrepreneur who has a successful website has an active blog where they share their message on a regular basis. This means diving deep into topics that have to do with their business and that their audience would find great value from.

Having a blog and writing articles on a consistent basis (once a week, every other week, etc.), will help you bring traffic to your site, and will keep your community engaged and excited to read your latest blog article. Consistency is everything.

Your blog is the biggest way to drive traffic to your site organically without too much effort. All you have to do is simply post relevant topics about your business niche that your ideal dream client would find valuable!

You will then start to get visitors to your site on the specific posts that contain the keywords that a visitor first types into the search engine. Most people who come to your site organically do so through your blog, and so because of this, it is so important to include at least one opt-in for every single article you post. If you do not, then someone could find your post, read it, and then click out of your website without ever coming back again. By having that opt-in there, you’re giving them the invitation to join your community of email subscribers. 

Not having a blog is leaving a ton of organic success on the table, and you would be truly missing out! So there you have it, those are the five essential areas that every entrepreneur should follow for their website to make sure it is set-up strategically for success. Does your website follow these 5 points? If not, then it’s time to change that because you and your message deserve to be successful.



Are You Having A Hard Time Getting Clients?

Are You Having A Hard Time Getting Clients?

This is something I am very passionate about, because I want you to succeed at your very best. I know you have such immense potential, but you have to know one thing:

If you’re not getting clients, it may be because you are simply trying too hard to do so right away.

If you are constantly “selling” the moment you join a group or connect with someone new, yet aren’t actually seeing any sales then you are exactly who needs to hear this.

Yes, I understand that your program or product is amazing… but the thing is that they are NEVER going to see that UNLESS you have the right solution.

So what would that solution be?

You need to get back to focusing on the VALUE you give to others. The most successful people teach what they know for free to help others see things from a completely fresh perspective or to learn something about themselves or their business that they had no idea about before. You have to educate them, be convicted by it’s importance, and build your community!

If the first thing you do when you join a new Facebook group is immediately SELL or PM someone with that “PERFECT SOLUTION”, or write on someone’s VALUE POST with your program for sale, then please… just STOP, take a step back and look at what you’re doing.

You’re asking someone to get married without first inviting them out for coffee. This is a HUGE turnoff for anyone, but especially for people in this industry. We are the difference makers. The purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are on a mission. Seeing pitches all day long will do nothing for you… and will hurt you in the long run.

As a coach or service provider, your business will only THRIVE in this niche when you build relationships and give free value out to others FIRST, before you invite them to work one on one with you.

What are some ways you can build relationships?

Get on Periscope and talk about your area of expertise, host a webinar, create a Facebook group of your own, write articles on your blog, post helpful tips and encouragement in Facebook groups, create a free gift you can give away to build your own email list, HAVE AN EMAIL LIST, run a fun free challenge, there are so many ways and these are just a few.

It all comes down to being authentic, and being human with your marketing. I know you’re better than this and you feel icky every time you try to SELL, SELL, SELL.

Why? When your main focus is to SELL (and are forgoing the relationship building), then you are removing the human being from the equation. You are looking at people as dollar signs, rather than as an actual person, as a human being. It’s time to shift your focus from SELL, to VALUE. How can you give more value to others?

When you give good to others, it always comes back.

The Difference Between a Website, Opt-In Page, and Sales Page

Have you ever been confused with all of the talk about opt-in pages, landing pages, websites, lead pages, squeeze pages, sales pages and just don’t know what the differences are between them and which ones you actually need?

Today you are going to LOVE me, because I am going to clear all of that up and let you know the 3 essential things you need to have to build up your successful online entrepreneurial brand. Each of these 3 things are vitally important when building your business and once you know and apply this information, it is sure to skyrocket your success and help you attract even more of your dream clients.  cialis generico farmacia online WHY? Because this is the stuff that works!

go site So, what are the 3 web essentials? 

As an online entrepreneur, you should have:

  • a website
  • an opt-in page (or several)
  • a sales page (or few)

When it comes to your online presence, outside of your main social media channels, you don’t need anything besides these 3 things.

You may be thinking, “Okay, that’s great! But what exactly are these three things and the differences between them?”

…. let’s dive in, shall we? WHAT IS MY WEBSITE?

I’m going to start off by talking about your website, because your website is the foundational place where you build out your online brand. This is your core. It is where your message lives and breathes. Everything is built from your foundational website. When working with my private design and coaching clients, I design and build their 6 vital pages to start with that every entrepreneur and coach MUST HAVE as part of their website. What are these 6 pages? Your Home Page, your About Page, your Work with Me Page, your Contact Page, your Discovery Call Page, and your all-important Blog Page. Your website contains all 6 of these primary pages and most of these pages appear as links/buttons/tabs at the top of your website (also known as your website’s navigation or menu area). These pages are crafted for your dream clients to find your content, soak in your message and get to know all about you and what you can do to help them.

Just like I tell my clients—your website is essentially your “online hub”. It is the place that everything else branches out from. Once you have your website in place, you can add sales pages, hidden opt-in pages, and even membership areas to house your online course or group programs. You can get discovery call applications from your website and bring in new people onto your list through your blog articles that you post. (Yes, you get relevant website traffic by simply showing up as you and providing valuable content for others to learn from!)

Your website’s main mission is to communicate your message, share valuable content for free, bring traffic to your site, get people on your list, and attract clients!


Your sales page is a one-page webpage that goes excruciatingly in-depth about your program or package and the results that your visitors will get by becoming clients and buying the offering you are selling. You should have one sales page per each and every package, program, product, or offering that you have for sale for people to purchase. This page must speak to your dream client’s biggest struggle pain point, connect with your dream client by understanding the pain they are experiencing, then take your dream client on a journey of what it would be like to have it all go away, and how working with you is the bridge that they are looking for to get them where they want to go, so that they can experience success in whatever area that you help them with specifically with your program. Your sales page typically do not have any menu navigation at the top (no home, about, contact, etc…), and they always have one direct call-to-action (or more) that instructs the person on your page where they should click in order to buy your spectacular offering that will help get them to a better place in their life or business.

Your sales page’s mission is to connect, provide the exact solution your dream client is looking for, and SELL.


Your opt-in page could be called many different things (squeeze page, landing page, lead page, etc.) but they all essentially mean the same thing. This is a one page webpage, similar to the sales page in that regard, however this page is MUCH simpler and very direct and to the point immediately upon landing on the page.

If you’ve never examined one before (although as an entrepreneur, you have probably seen plenty), the only thing that is on this page is a catchy headline, simple and compelling copy, a picture of the freebie you’re giving away, and an opt-in form with a strong call-to-action button that is connected with your email provider to capture names and email addresses.  All information should appear above-the-fold (the area that someone sees before they begin scrolling down your page). You want to make sure that this page is very clear and only talks about the free gift that the person on the page will receive. You don’t want ANY distractions on this page, which means no navigation menu (NO: home, about, contact, etc).

Your opt-in page’s mission is to entice your dream client into making them feel super comfy with giving away their email address and giving you access to their inbox in exchange for your free gift lead magnet!

That is it! Now you should have a very good grasp of the 3 essential things that you need as an entrepreneur for your online presence that will help take your brand and business to the next level. Building your online brand is of course a process, so feel free to start with your website or your opt-in page depending on where you are at, and then grow from there. Because, in order to be set up in the most strategic and effective way, you will want all 3 of these things working together to serve you and to attract the people you desire to help. Without all three, your online brand will simply not be as healthy as it could be. As an entrepreneur, settling with just having your website (while a great and very important thing to have) can be compared to a tree without its branches. Without branches and leaves, the tree just can’t thrive like it is meant to. Your opt-in pages and sales pages are the branches your website needs so that you and your message can thrive like it is meant to!


Now I want to hear from you! Do you have any questions about any of these 3 essentials you need implemented in your online entrepreneurial expert brand? If so, post below or send me a message and I’d be happy to help clear things up even further for you!


How To Get Everything Done and Stay Sane in the Process!

How To Get Everything Done and Stay Sane in the Process!

When it comes to running your online business, there are so many moving parts that YOU HAVE to MAKE MOVE, especially in the beginning when you are really just starting to build out your online empire.


So many things that can make your head spin…

There is the lead magnet creation, the list building, the list nurturing, the blog articles, the daily Facebook posts and Facebook ads, the live online events to host, the sales pages, the opt-in pages, the website, the business planning, the continued business education & application, the video messages, the periscopes, keeping up your Instagram and Pinterest, the connection calls, the joint venture partnerships, the discovery calls, the client coaching calls, and for me the brand and website design work for my clients.   PHEW… what a mouthful!!! 


Since there are so many things that you want to do, it can very EASILY head towards a burnout super fast without any warning, if you don’t have the right plan in place. I know. It’s happened to me. 


Here I was with every single thing that I have to do in my head and on paper, and yet had no clear plan of action of what in the world the best thing to do first is. I would start working on one thing, then decide that the next thing should probably be the better thing to focus on, then realize I need to finish the last, but then I jump on Facebook and realize oh wait! I should probably write another post or answer that message that I forgot to answer and then before I know it, I am sucked into the Facebook vortex. At the end of the day, what’s accomplished? A miniscule amount, if barely anything at all.

That doesn’t serve anyone and it certainly doesn’t serve me.

BECAUSE, without a clear vision, people perish.


After so many days of this, I had an ugly, crying burnout breakdown in front of my poor unsuspecting husband. It was awful and it was at that time when I realized that – if I’m going to get ANYTHING done, and done well to the level of quality I hold myself to, then I need to get things in gear and put a strategic plan of action together.


So, I took a blank piece of paper and started mapping out my month. First, I decided what the most important tasks are that need to get done each month, each week, and each day. Once I had those tasks solidified, I begin planning out my month on my calendar starting with my once a month task(s), my bi-weekly tasks, and my daily tasks. Then the things I need to do daily I batch together with similar things that need to be done weekly such as my Facebook post writing paired with my blog article, and my weekly email to my community of subscribers. They all get done on the same day for the entire week. I then set aside specific days and times for business growth work, client work, discovery calls (allowing enough variation of time slots throughout the week to account for different time zones), and then re-assigned my online calendar to reflect the time slots I am available, and the time slots that I am not.


I cannot tell you just how much this has freed up my mind and set it at ease again! As an online solo-preneur, you can really only learn as you go throughout the process of building your brand. The more you build, the more amazing ideas come to you (it’s crazy how this works) and the more you have to reassess the things that work for you, and the things that no longer serve you as you move forward with building your dream so you can make the difference you desire to make.

Ever since I have been batching tasks, it has kept me from insanity and burnout again, so I am super confident that it will serve you too. So, if you are overwhelmed right now with the crazy amount of things that you need to do, to stay up on everything, then try batching your tasks to happen during chunks of time throughout the week. Focus on only one task at a time (and therefor escaping overwhelm) and see how it works for you!  I find that I can actually breathe now because I know that as long as I get the task in front of me done, everything that needs to get done will be taken care of – one hour, one day, one week at a time.

And so it has!

When Is It Time To Re-Brand Your Business?

When Is It Time To Re-Brand Your Business?

Changing your visuals can be a pretty big endeavor, so of course it’s not something you want to do on a whim, but instead when you find yourself in one of three phases in your business so that you can purposefully and strategically become more in alignment with who you are, what you are here to provide, and who you are here to help.

So what are those three phases?  The first would be when you shift your focus and become even clearer on the types of offerings you want to provide others. The second would be when the description of who your dream client either changes or becomes more focused. The third (and probably one of the most common reasons) is when you are still running on your “starter” visuals and could just plain use a revamp to take things to the next level!


#1) Let’s say that you are shifting your focus in business.

Perhaps you started out as life coach helping people in pretty much any area of their life that they need help in and you suddenly realize that where your real passion lies is helping others organize and manage their day to make the biggest impact and feel the most fulfilled with what they have accomplished. This is a viable time to think about a rebranding, because your focus has shifted, and so it gives you the opportunity to make your messaging and visuals tighter and more in alignment with your new calling.


#2) Let’s say the people you want to serve has changed or gotten more defined.

Perhaps you have been a relationship coach for single men and women for a long time, but then you realize that who you most resonate with is the single woman and helping her through changing her love story. This is a great time to reconsider your messaging and visual branding to appeal greater to your new dream client avatar. The colors can change from your current masculine approach to taking on a softer hue that appeals more to the women you’d like to attract.


#3) Let’s say you are still running on your “starter” website (and it looks it!)

If you are still running on the “starter” website or other branding visuals and it shows (coming off as amateur), then this is probably one of the most important times to think about a rebrand to truly position yourself as the expert that you are and make an even greater impact to attract and bring in more of your dream clients.


So what about you? Do any of these 3 circumstances speak to your current situation?

If so, then you’re in the exciting position to begin thinking about a rebrand for your business! When everything that makes up your brand is working together in unison (copy, website, social pages, pictures, lead magnets, emails etc), it will help you to magnetically attract the clients that you desire and get you do what you love the most – working with your clients and seeing the significant shifts happen in their lives because of your work together!


Have any questions or have you been through a rebrand yourself? Comment below and tell me about the process!


Are You Struggling to Make Your Coaching Business Work?

Are You Struggling to Make Your Coaching Business Work?

Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur who is making next to nothing and just struggling right now in your business?

If so, I have some words for you.

Just because you aren’t making 6-Figures yet (or heck, even 5-Figures), with your business now, it does NOT mean that you never will.

Just because the people around you don’t see or share in your vision, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen for you.

Why do I believe that? Because as a coach/entrepreneur wanting to help others improve some area of their lives is much needed and what you have to give to the world is so important.

Where you are now and where you want to go is so achievable. You are immensely powerful and are capable of more than you may realize.

So when it gets tough continuing to persevere, hold on to that dream. Remember the reason why you are going after your dream in the first place.

… For your family to get out of the poor money mindset
… For you to give generously to others in need around you
… To provide for your family and give them unlimited opportunities
… To travel and explore the world.
… To live fully alive and making a difference in the lives of others
… To make the world a better place by being in it!

You are important.
You are special.
When you feel like giving up. Don’t.

Nothing is ever achieved that way.

Don’t be discouraged! YOU WILL GET THERE.

Have faith that you are meant to be a success and doing work that you absolutely love with people who really need you and what you have to give them to help improve their lives.

This dream of helping others is part of you. God placed it within you, so since it is there, it must be right.

When you are in connection to what He requires, He will give you all the desires of your heart.

However you have to not only have faith, but also do the action required every single day to take you to where you want to go.

Because faith without action is dead. However the two together is a winning combination that will take you to places you didn’t even before imagine were possible with your current reality.

Faith + Action = Success, Blessings, and Abundance.

So wherever you are now, whatever your current reality looks like – don’t give up. Just have faith it is meant for you and take action until you are exactly where you want to be.

I believe in you. <3

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