Today I wanted to give you a very special FREE resource, to help you gain clarity for your visual branding.

source It all starts with a vision. It is well known that “without a vision, people perish.” When you sit down and do the work required to gain that all-important client clarity, it helps everything in your business moving forward.

go To help you out, I put together a micro course training on my Client Clarity sheet for you to work through to help you get honed in on your ideal client so that you will have that clear vision in mind and will be able to begin building your visual brand out in a way that positions you as the “go-to expert” for whatever area your ideal client is struggling with. This one-page sheet contains many of the same questions that I go over with my 1:1 clients. It is a highly beneficial list of targeted questions to help you gain insight to who you most want to serve in this world.

source Click on the picture below and login to gain access to your free training to get you started or more clear on who your dream client is!



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