buy proscar online australia pharmacy When it comes to running your online business, there are so many moving parts that YOU HAVE to MAKE MOVE, especially in the beginning when you are really just starting to build out your online empire.

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enter So many things that can make your head spin…

get link There is the lead magnet creation, the list building, the list nurturing, the blog articles, the daily Facebook posts and Facebook ads, the live online events to host, the sales pages, the opt-in pages, the website, the business planning, the continued business education & application, the video messages, the periscopes, keeping up your Instagram and Pinterest, the connection calls, the joint venture partnerships, the discovery calls, the client coaching calls, and for me the brand and website design work for my clients.   PHEW… what a mouthful!!! 

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follow site Since there are so many things that you want to do, it can very EASILY head towards a burnout super fast without any warning, if you don’t have the right plan in place. I know. It’s happened to me.  

Here I was with every single thing that I have to do in my head and on paper, and yet had no clear plan of action of what in the world the best thing to do first is. I would start working on one thing, then decide that the next thing should probably be the better thing to focus on, then realize I need to finish the last, but then I jump on Facebook and realize oh wait! I should probably write another post or answer that message that I forgot to answer and then before I know it, I am sucked into the Facebook vortex. At the end of the day, what’s accomplished? A miniscule amount, if barely anything at all.

That doesn’t serve anyone and it certainly doesn’t serve me.

BECAUSE, without a clear vision, people perish.


After so many days of this, I had an ugly, crying burnout breakdown in front of my poor unsuspecting husband. It was awful and it was at that time when I realized that – if I’m going to get ANYTHING done, and done well to the level of quality I hold myself to, then I need to get things in gear and put a strategic plan of action together.


So, I took a blank piece of paper and started mapping out my month. First, I decided what the most important tasks are that need to get done each month, each week, and each day. Once I had those tasks solidified, I begin planning out my month on my calendar starting with my once a month task(s), my bi-weekly tasks, and my daily tasks. Then the things I need to do daily I batch together with similar things that need to be done weekly such as my Facebook post writing paired with my blog article, and my weekly email to my community of subscribers. They all get done on the same day for the entire week. I then set aside specific days and times for business growth work, client work, discovery calls (allowing enough variation of time slots throughout the week to account for different time zones), and then re-assigned my online calendar to reflect the time slots I am available, and the time slots that I am not.


I cannot tell you just how much this has freed up my mind and set it at ease again! As an online solo-preneur, you can really only learn as you go throughout the process of building your brand. The more you build, the more amazing ideas come to you (it’s crazy how this works) and the more you have to reassess the things that work for you, and the things that no longer serve you as you move forward with building your dream so you can make the difference you desire to make.

levitra originale consegna rapida Ever since I have been batching tasks, it has kept me from insanity and burnout again, so I am super confident that it will serve you too. So, if you are overwhelmed right now with the crazy amount of things that you need to do, to stay up on everything, then try batching your tasks to happen during chunks of time throughout the week. Focus on only one task at a time (and therefor escaping overwhelm) and see how it works for you!  I find that I can actually breathe now because I know that as long as I get the task in front of me done, everything that needs to get done will be taken care of – one hour, one day, one week at a time.

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