source site Changing your visuals can be a pretty big endeavor, so of course it’s not something you want to do on a whim, but instead when you find yourself in one of three phases in your business so that you can purposefully and strategically become more in alignment with who you are, what you are here to provide, and who you are here to help. So what are those three phases?  The first would be when you shift your focus and become even clearer on the types of offerings you want to provide others. The second would be when the description of who your dream client either changes or becomes more focused. The third (and probably one of the most common reasons) is when you are still running on your “starter” visuals and could just plain use a revamp to take things to the next level!

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#1) Let’s say that you are shifting your focus in business. Perhaps you started out as life coach helping people in pretty much any area of their life that they need help in and you suddenly realize that where your real passion lies is helping others organize and manage their day to make the biggest impact and feel the most fulfilled with what they have accomplished. This is a viable time to think about a rebranding, because your focus has shifted, and so it gives you the opportunity to make your messaging and visuals tighter and more in alignment with your new calling. #2) Let’s say the people you want to serve has changed or gotten more defined.

Perhaps you have been a relationship coach for single men and women for a long time, but then you realize that who you most resonate with is the single woman and helping her through changing her love story. This is a great time to reconsider your messaging and visual branding to appeal greater to your new dream client avatar. The colors can change from your current masculine approach to taking on a softer hue that appeals more to the women you’d like to attract.


op userinfo username best place to buy free levitra cheap #3) Let’s say you are still running on your “starter” website (and it looks it!)

If you are still running on the “starter” website or other branding visuals and it shows (coming off as amateur), then this is probably one of the most important times to think about a rebrand to truly position yourself as the expert that you are and make an even greater impact to attract and bring in more of your dream clients.


accutane side effects remedies So what about you? Do any of these 3 circumstances speak to your current situation?

If so, then you’re in the exciting position to begin thinking about a rebrand for your business! When everything that makes up your brand is working together in unison (copy, website, social pages, pictures, lead magnets, emails etc), it will help you to magnetically attract the clients that you desire and get you do what you love the most – working with your clients and seeing the significant shifts happen in their lives because of your work together!


Have any questions or have you been through a rebrand yourself? Comment below and tell me about the process!


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